Kody Holmes has been working under the moniker of The Brave Optimistic since discovering adjectives could be used as nouns ten years ago in his early teens. After years of recording, touring and writing for local acts, Kody returned to school devoting the occasional break to his singer/songwriter hobby. Leaving his family’s hometown of four generations for a PhD program in mathematics, it seemed like an optimal time to track the first full length record as The Brave Optimistic. Kody, who primarily sticks to vocals, guitar and ukelele on the album, is joined by close collaborators Timothy O’Brien (drummer for Celebration Guns), Alex Dorr and Devyn Running, as well as his long-time producer Dan Parker (former guitarist for A Change of Pace) and a gang of studio musicians.

“Oh, Odonata” blends Kody’s traditional indie-rock upbringing with bluegrass, country, ragtime and other classic American genres to make for a rather interesting break-up record. It is sometimes hard to tell if the real break-up is between Kody and the female subject or his hometown of Phoenix. Either way, his love for science, math and all things nerdy clearly wins out, both lyrically and in real life. Look no further than the title track, a jealous ode to Odonata, the insect order containing dragonflies. Released August 18th 2015, “Oh, Odonata” has been lauded by both critics and fans. In December, Phoenix New Times declared the record to be one of the top 25 albums of 2015.

The album includes “Break It (The Law),” a track Kody used to raise money for the Bradley Manning Defense Fund (now Chelsea Manning Defense Fund). Proceeds from this track on the full length album will continue to support the fund.


“Running from indie rock to bluegrass to prog-folk drenched in Americana … it’s just so f*cking weird and exciting.” – Phoenix New Times

“Trying to pin down the style of the Brave Optimistic is nearly as difficult as trying to pin a delicate damselfly into your insect collection. Overall, Americana would be an easy way to go, but visionary Kody Holmes defies even that.” –Java Magazine

“Make a very clear note that “Love In The Time Of Climate Change” is not only Oh, Odonata at its best but might be one of the catchiest and well written songs you’ll hear in 2015.” –Music Emissions

“Working with Kody was intellectually stimulating and challenging in ways I never thought possible, in a music realm. His songs are intelligent, relevant, witty and downright liberating. Unlike anything I’ve heard before.”  – Timothy O’Brien of Celebration Guns



If you would like to embed audio from the album on your site, please select from the songs available at https://soundcloud.com/the-brave-optimistic.


Click on thumbnails to enlarge and download photos:

TBO_Press_1TBO_Press_2TBO_Press_3TBO_Press 4TBO_Press_5TBO_Press_6Oh_OdonataThe Brave Optimistic Logo


  1. Twenty-Something Blues
  2. KY -> AZ -> HI
  3. Magic Love
  4. Weary
  5. Love in the Time of Climate Change
  6. Searchin’
  7. Break It (The Law)
  8. Isaac Newton on the Human Condition
  9. Oh, Odonata
  10. Kill Me

Download Music for Your Radio Station/Podcast

Twenty-Something Blues [Single Released 8/4/15]

Twenty-Something Blues (Radio Edit) [Single Released 8/4/15]

Love in the Time of Climate Change [Single Released 8/7/15]

Love in the Time of Climate Change (Radio Edit) [Single Released 8/7/15]

Searchin’ [Single Released 8/10/15]

Weary [Single Released 8/13/15]

Oh, Odonata [Single Released 8/16/15]


Email: thebraveoptimistic@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebraveoptimistic

Bandcamp: http://thebraveoptimistic.bandcamp.com

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